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OKE 's taper bushes are high quality,comply with international standard.Now let's talk about installation and removal for taper bushes.


1.Clean all oil,dirt,and paint from shaft,bushing bore,outside of bushing and componet(sprocket,sheave,pulley,coupling etc.)bore.

2.Insert bushing into component.Match the hole pattern,not the threaded holes(each hole will be threaded on one side only.)

3.Thread set or cap screws into those half threaded holes indicated by  on above diagram.Mount assembly on shaft.

4.Alternately correct torque set or cap screw.

5.On 3535 and larger bushings use a block,sleeve or drift and hammer large end of bushing( do not hammer bushing directly)

6.Repeat steps 4 and 5 until torque wrench reading, after hammering,is the same as before hammering.

7.Fill all unoccupied holes with grease.


1.Remove all set or cap screws

2.Insert set or cap screws in holes indicated by  on drawing. Loosen bushing by alternately tightening set or cap screws.

3.To reinstall,complete all seven(7) installtion instructions.

If you have any question for taper bush,please feel free to contact us. we will offer you optimum solution.



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